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Welcome to PRORING Latvia – your one-stop destination for superior metalwork craftsmanship. From precise turning to expert welding, we are committed to bringing your projects to life with unmatched precision and quality. Trust in ProRing Latvia, where your vision meets our expertise.


Services include a wide variety of CNC machining, including multi-axis CNC turning and milling technology. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee that we will fulfill the anticipated timeframes and quality requirements for your project.

Manufacturing made simple


Request quote

Complete our price request form with your material choice, required finishing, component quantity, and any other instructions you may have.


Design review

One of our engineers will look through your CAD and engineering drawings while taking into account any needs that are unique to the project.


Feedback & optimisation

After that, the project engineer assigned to your work will provide you individualized design recommendations to enhance the components’ ability to be manufactured.


Final quote

After we have finished optimizing your parts, we will provide you a quote that is made just for the project you are working on.


Production underway

Following the acceptance of your final quote, the fabrication of your components will begin. During the time that your project is being manufactured, we give you images of the various parts and keep you informed of the progress that has been made.

Trusted across multiple industries

Leading businesses across a variety of sectors rely on PRORING Latvia to provide the greatest degree of accuracy. Your encounter with PRORING will be of the highest caliber thanks to our ISO 9001 accreditation. The following industries are honored to work with ProRing, whether it is for CNC Machining Services or one of the various production processes:

Research & development

Due to its speed and precision, CNC machining speeds up research and development. CNC machining reduces development time from months to days by quickly prototyping computer-aided designs. Products reach the market faster, giving a competitive edge.


Robotics CNC revolutionizes prototyping and development with its efficiency and precision. Robotics CNC cuts development time from months to days by quickly turning computer ideas into prototypes. Products reach the market faster, providing firms an edge.

Green energy

Green energy technologies streamline prototyping and manufacturing in research and development. Green Energy minimizes design-to-prototype time and environmental effect by using clean energy sources. Businesses get a competitive and ecological edge by developing goods faster and greener.


CNC machining is used to make parts for X-rays, MRI scanners, surgical instruments, and other medical equipment. We can make practically any difficult medical part.


CNC machining produces precise, repeatable, and robust electronics parts. Exigum manufactures a variety of electronics parts and components that fulfill industry and customer specifications.


The automobile industry relies on CNC machining to produce a wide variety of components.

Why PRORING Latvia

Choose PRORING Latvia, where full-cycle metalworking meets unrivaled precision and quality. Whether it’s turning, milling, or welding, our wide array of services is designed to bring your vision to life. With an ISO 9001 certification, we ensure top-notch quality across all projects. Our versatility in handling all types of materials and our global network of partner factories position us to provide unmatched service and high-quality results. Established in 2013, we leverage years of expertise to serve you better. We prioritize your needs, adhering to deadlines and specifications while offering competitive prices. Trust in us, where your project is our commitment.

In 2018, we have implemented modernization measures to reduce the amount of hazardous substances used. The measures are implemented with the help and support of the Baltic Environmental Forum from the project “Baltic Pilot Measures to Reduce Emissions of Hazardous Chemicals through Substitution and Resource Efficiency” (LIFE14 ENV / LV / 000174), co-financed by the European Union LIFE Program and Latvian Environmental Protection Fund administration.

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